Best Trail Camera in 2019

Whether you’re a hunter interested in game surveillance or a naturalist interested in getting that epic wildlife shot, the best trail camera can come in handy. This rugged, outdoor device can serve many purposes around your household too, so there is more than one reason why you should consider investing in it.

I bought my first trail camera exclusively for hunting, but it didn’t take long to discover its versatility.

Here's a list of Best Trail Camera in 2018

Today, I own several. I still use a lower-end one for game surveillance, while another low-cost model is in charge of the security of my home. Except for these two, I also own a very expensive model which I use exclusively for nature photography.

This tiny device got me plenty of epic wildlife photos and some breathtaking time-lapse videos too.

If I caught your attention and you’re now all curious to discover which trail camera lives up to the expectations, read on. But before talking about models, there are a few other things you should know before investing in a unit.

How to Choose the Best Trail Camera

Finding the best trail camera could be a daunting task. The market holds a bountiful range of models, and depending on your purpose, some may be more suitable than others. Here are a few things you should consider.

1. Your Purpose

Trail cameras vary in prices from a few dozens to a few hundred bucks, but the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

The first question to ask, is what you need the camera for? Is it for game surveillance? A cheaper model with a robust construction could do. If you just want to keep track of the game, you might not need the best image quality, and this will undoubtedly save you some money.

Are you interested in image quality? Do you need a camera capable of recording video? Expect to pay much more for such a gadget, but a high-quality device can win you the best photo award in a contest.

2. Construction

Once you have a clear purpose, think of construction. A trail camera is supposed to endure extreme weather and elements, so a fully waterproof and durable construction is a must. If possible, choose a camera with a camouflage finish, which will not draw the attention of any wildlife passing by.

3. Trigger Time

Now, let’s put this clear. Just because you have installed a trail camera in the woods, it doesn’t mean you’ll get any wildlife photos. Unless your camera is fast enough to shoot that photo as soon as something passes in front of it.

A fast detection circuit with a trigger speed of less than one second is a must if you really want to catch on tape everything that’s moving in the area.

4. Flash Type

Another thing you must check is the flash type. You can choose between white flash, visible infrared, low glow infrared and no glow infrared.

Infrared flash types will produce black and white photography during the night or in low light conditions, while the white flash will give you colored photos regardless of the level of the light.

5. Battery

Unless you’re planning to go and check your camera every other day, it is important to invest in a unit with batteries that can last for a long time. AA type batteries are the most indicated. They not only have a decent runtime, but they are inexpensive, and so are the cameras that employ them. Since leaving your trail camera alone in the wilds could result in it being robbed, I wouldn’t recommend getting a model that costs you an arm and a leg.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best trail cameras on the market.

Top 5 Best Trail Camera in 2018

1. Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP

Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP


  • Clear 14MP image
  • 1080P video resolution
  • 0.3-second trigger speed
  • 65-feet detection range
  • Night vision

Wide Angle Lens

The Campark Trail Game Camera is perhaps the best trail camera on the market and comes with a 120° wide angle lens for a wider than average detecting range. Besides the lens width, this camera also boasts 3 PIR night vision and excellent sensitivity, producing breathtaking images and videos each time wildlife passes in front of it.


Overall, this camera boasts a sturdy construction and a rugged appearance that withstands all elements and adverse weather. The camouflage finish hides the device in the décor, while the lens is protected from water even during heavy showers.

Overall Assessment

The Campark Trail Game Camera is a great camera which is incredibly easy to operate and suitable for multiple applications. This hunting cam is also very easy to mount, and serves multiple purposes, from hunting to home surveillance and wildlife monitoring.

Campark Trail Camera 14MP Video Review

2. Foxelli Trail Camera 12MP

Foxelli Trail Camera


  • High resolution
  • 12MP photo clarity
  • Night vision
  • Easy setup
  • Password protection

Easy Set Up

Foxelli Trail Camera impresses the users with its easy setup, and you don’t have to be a tech geek to make this beauty work. The device is powered by either 4 or 8 AA batteries and stores the images on a Micro SD card up to 32 GB. A user-friendly menu provides easy access to all functions for a no-frills adjustment of the camera to your needs.

Night Vision

This camera comes equipped with the latest night vision technology. Its 42 No Glow infrared LEDs see at a range of 65 feet, and the super-fast motion sensor activates the trigger in under 0.5 seconds.

Overall Assessment

Slightly weaker than my first pick but still outstanding, this impressive trail camera is certainly one to consider. It produces high-definition photos and videos and lets you protect all your data with a password, to prevent access to your files in case the camera is stolen.

3. VICTONY Trail Camera

VICTONY Trail Camera


  • 3 PIR sensors
  • 0.2 seconds trigger speed
  • 12MP resolution
  • IP65 waterproof certification
  • Warranty


VICTONY is one of the newest trail cameras, and its design is majorly inspired by the Campark camera above. But beyond aesthetic resemblance, this camera comes at a more than affordable price and appeals to those looking for a good balance between value and money.


Given its attractive price point, this camera impresses with its performance. It is capable of recording high-definition videos and has an outstanding image quality, capturing photos at 12MP resolution. Ideal for hunters or a novice photographer, this trail camera can easily meet your expectations.

Overall Assessment

Affordable and performing, the VICTONY Trail Camera is ideal for the beginners but also for those hunters who don’t really care about image quality. Featuring multiple versatile functions and ideal to use in all conditions, the product is backed up by 45-days money back guarantee and a year of limited warranty.

4. Game Trail Camera

Game Trail Camera


  • IP66 waterproof certification
  • Fast trigger
  • Night vision
  • Multiple mode settings
  • Time laps capabilities


The Game Trail Camera is more than a device for the hunters. It has outstanding capabilities and produces high-definition photos and videos. You can choose from multiple setting options the one that best suits your needs, and you can even make time-lapse videos or interval recording for more accurate monitoring of the area.

Detection Range

Ideal for use in day and night vision modes, this trail camera impresses with a wide detection range which reaches 85 feet in the daytime and 66 feet during the night. The fast response of under a second of the trigger allows capturing the most important moments.

Overall Assessment

Withstanding all weather conditions and elements, this rugged trail camera is a great alternative to the picks above. It impressed me with its detection range, while the black IR LEDs produce low glow flash that won’t disturb the game.

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5. Campark Trail Game Camera 12MP

Campark Trail Game Camera 12MP


  • Multi-shot option
  • Timelapse
  • Timer shot
  • Low glow infrared LEDs
  • High resolution

Image Quality

The little brother of the Campark Trail Game Camera above, this camera also impresses with its excellent image quality ensured by the 12MP camera. The video is recorded at a resolution of 1080P, to ensure every detailed is captured. The camera provides splendid color photos during the day and black and white photos during the night.


Protected by an IP54 waterproof case, the camera boasts multiple functions, including time-lapse and interval shots, timer shot, time stamp, plus photo and video recording. The unit runs on AA batteries and has a standby time of up to eight months.

Overall Assessment

Campark is synonymous with high-quality trial cameras, and this model doesn’t disappoint. Capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos, this device has a long standby time and impresses with a wide detection range both during the day and during the night.

Campark Trail Game Camera 12MP Video Review


It’s hard to tell which is the best trail camera, but at least you now know which are some of your best options. My advice, if you don’t need the highest resolution photos, go for a cheaper model that can still help you track game, but that won’t cost you too much should someone steal it.