Best Takedown Recurve Bow in 2019

Making your first steps into archery is not always easy, but the best takedown recurve bow can boost your experience. I started with a recurve bow too, although back then takedown bows weren’t yet a thing.

Nevertheless, my curiosity sky-rocketed to the stars when I first saw these bows on the market.

Summit Samick Sage Takedown

Here's a list of Best Takedown Recurve Bow in 2018

And I obviously had to try them, despite being a little reluctant. But boy was I wrong to judge these beauties before testing them. Takedown bows come with great advantages and the same performance of a “one-piece.” They are no doubt the best choice for beginners, but also for the experienced archers looking for convenience.

I had the chance to try a wealth of takedown recurve bows since I shot the first arrow with such a model and put up a list with the most promising ones. But there are a few things you should know before buying.

What Is a Takedown Recurve Bow

A takedown recurve bow is very similar with the one-piece in terms of design when the bow is assembled, but its limbs can be separated from the riser. This particular comes with multiple advantages, and there are three main reasons you should invest in a takedown model.

1. Interchangeable Limbs

The takedown recurve bow is perhaps the most versatile model and the best for beginners, because you can change the limbs to adjust them to a growing draw length or to more advanced skills.

You can also adjust the draw weight of the bow by simply replacing the existent limbs with lighter or heavier ones.

Owning two sets of limbs is also ideal if you want to use the bow for different activities. For instance, you could use 30-pound limbs for target practice and 40-pound limbs for hunting without investing in two separate bows.

Obviously, the extra set of limbs will pull some bucks out of your pocket, but this solution is still cheaper than buying two complete bows.

2. Easy to Transport

The main disadvantage of all bows, in general, is their size. Bows are cumbersome and often hard to transport, especially if you have a small car. But a dismantled takedown model is easy to transport and fits in a backpack.

A takedown bow is also lightweight in most cases, so you won’t have to worry about carrying it for extended periods.

3. Easy to Fix

Whether you need a replacement or to repair a part of the bow, you can simply dismantle your takedown and replace or repair only the broken part. This comes as a huge advantage in both costs and convenience, especially if you have to send the bow in service.

Tips to Choosing Your First Recurve Bow

We’ve already established a takedown recurve bow is your best bet when it comes to choosing your first archery weapon. But deciding upon a model is only the first step. Here are a few tips to getting the right bow for you.

1. Start with a Lower Draw Weight

Finding the right draw weight is not rocket science, and there are many charts showing which is the right draw weight for you based on your own weight. But investing in a bow with a draw weight slightly lower than you need can make a difference in terms of user experience.

2. Buy a Beginner’s Package

The best part of a takedown bow is that you can build it from scratch by purchasing each component separately. However, if you’ve never shot an arrow before, a beginner’s package containing all needed for your first lessons comes with more advantages.

These packages hold everything from bow to arrows and save you the hassle of figuring out which parts you actually need.

3. Pick a Cheap Bow

Your first steps into archery don’t require the most expensive bow. A high-quality but affordable weapon can be more appropriate because chances are you’ll have to change the draw weight of the bow and perhaps some of the components as soon as you become a confident archer.

If you’d like only to change the limbs, pick a bow with a great riser, as this will allow you to save some money in the long run.

Top 5 Best Takedown Recurve Bows in 2018

1. Southwest Archery Spyder

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow


  • Left and right-hand designs
  • Wide draw weight range
  • Stringer tool
  • Handcrafted riser
  • 1-year limited warranty

Multiple Options

The Southwest Archery Spyder boasts an attractive wooden design and comes in multiple purchase options including left or right-hand orientation, as well as multiple draw weights from 20 to 60 pounds. The riser and matching limbs are handcrafted.


This beautiful takedown recurve bow is manufactured from the highest quality materials; the manufacturer has used four types of naturally sourced wood to create an elegant finish appealing to all archers. This bow is ideal for both target practice and hunting.

Overall Assessment

Lightweight and perfectly balanced, and coming in different draw weights, this is perhaps the best takedown recurve bow on the market. The bow boasts an elegant finish and comes with a quality raiser designed for either right or left-hand shooters.

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Video Review




  • Complete kit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Quality limbs
  • Three draw weights

Robust Construction

The XQMART XGeek is a lightweight, yet robust takedown recurve bow designed to withstand most demands. It is ideal for the beginners, although experienced archers may also appreciate its features. The sturdy limbs and ergonomic grip add further value for money, while the durable riser is made from solid aluminum.

Complete Set

Perfect for beginners, the XQMART XGeek bow comes as part of a kit comprising twelve fiberglass arrows, bow stringer tool, a bow sight, arm guard, and an array of other useful accessories. All you need for shooting right out of the box.

Overall Assessment

This takedown recurve bow is ideal for inexperienced and experienced archers alike and comes as part of a complete beginner’s kit comprising a set of quality arrows and other accessories needed for the first shots. Besides the complete kit, this takedown bow also comes in various draw weights suitable for target practice or hunting.

3. LarpGears Takedown LARP

LarpGears Takedown LARP


  • Ambidextrous
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 25lbs draw weight
  • 30-inch max draw length
  • LARP construction


LarpGears Takedown LARP is another takedown recurve bow perfect for beginners but also for the LARP enthusiasts looking for the right weapon to use during the next event. The bow boasts an ambidextrous construction and is ideal for both right- and left-hand users.

Lightweight Construction

This bow comes with a strong riser made of heavy-duty nylon and sturdy fiberglass limbs which are lightweight yet reliable. The bow has a 25-pound draw weight and is suitable for archers with a maximum draw length of 30 inches. The total length of the bow is 52 inches.

Overall Assessment

Lightweight and available in four attractive colors, this bow is ideal for all archers older than 14 years and is great to use for outdoor combat games and LARP events. If you’re not an enthusiast of combat, you can also use this bow for target practice.

4. Summit Archery Deluxe Bow Package

Summit Samick Sage Takedown


  • Samick Sage bow
  • Accessories
  • Various draw weights

Samick Sage Bow

The Deluxe package proposed by Summit Archery is a high-value kit comprising one of the most sought-after takedown recurve bows on the market, the Samick Sage. The bow included in this kit has an overall length of 62 inches and comes in multiple draw weights from 20 to 55 pounds.


The Deluxe package includes all accessories needed for the first shooting sessions, such as an arrow rest, bow stringer, finger tab, bow case, bow string, and arm guard. The finger tabs suit smaller and bigger archers and come in various sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

Overall Assessment

This high-value kit is ideal for both beginners and experienced archers and serves multiple purposes, from target practice to hunting. The bow included in this kit is one of the best takedown recurve bows on the market, renowned for its durability, strength, and shooting accuracy.

5. Southwest Archery Tigershark

Southwest Archery Tigershark


  • Natural wood construction
  • Precision Pin-Locking Technology
  • Preinstalled threaded bushings
  • Dacron string
  • 1-year warranty

Handcrafted Riser

The Tigershark bow comes with a high-quality handcrafted riser designed for both right-hand and left-hand users and a pair of matching upper and lower limbs. Both the riser and the limbs are made from a combination of four types of wood for an enhanced finish.

Pro Version

This takedown recurve bow comes in a standard and a pro version, with the latter containing a precision pin-locking mechanism designed to guarantee an exact placement of the limbs for improved performance.

Overall Assessment

This high-quality takedown recurve bow comes with preinstalled threaded bushings for bow accessories, and is ideal for target practice or hunting, but also for bow fishing thanks to the bushings for stabilizers and bow fishing reels. No doubt, one of the best takedown recurve bows on the market.


Picking the best takedown recurve bow is not easy. There are many things to consider, from the draw weight to the overall weight of the bow, the materials the bow is made from and the number of compatible accessories. Nevertheless, now you know which are some of your best options.