Best Recurve Bow for Beginners in 2018

The Best Recurve Bow for Beginners can boost up your archery game and make your target practice much more exciting. But finding the right one isn’t entirely easy for the novice. There are loads of things to consider, among which, why invest in a recurve bow in the first place?

There are many other types of bows you could consider. Yet, the recurve is the most popular.

I don’t wonder why. I got into archery more by mistake than curiosity. My uncle gave me a beginner’s recurve bow as a birthday present when I was still a kid. It was one of the best gifts ever that turned into a real passion.

I’ve tried many bows since and can still say the recurve is the most rewarding archery weapon I’ve ever tried.

Here's a list of Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

Why Invest in a Recurve Bow?

As a novice, it’s legit to ask yourself why to invest in a recurve bow. If you’re a parent looking for the first archery bow for your kid, things could be even more confusing, especially if you’re not into archery yourself.

The #1 reason to invest in a recurve bow is that it’s the easiest to use. This type of bow is uncomplicated, it comes in a wide range of sizes and draw weights, and the models on the market come in two styles that can address all the needs.

  • One piece recurve bows: As their name suggests, they are made of a single piece of material curved at the center towards the archer and at the ends away from the archer. These bows are perfect for those looking for an old-fashion model that is well balanced and easy to use.
  • Takedown recurve bows: The vast majority of the models available on the market are made of three pieces, two limbs and a raiser that form the bow. These bows are easy to assemble and dismantle, are easy to transport and give the rookie the possibility to gradually raise the draw weight as their skill level develops.
  • I’m fond of the takedown recurve bows for the reasons mentioned above, but both types come with their pros, cons, and satisfaction. That said, perhaps you’re wondering how to pick the best recurve bow for beginners.

    Picking the Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

    Choosing your first bow is not exactly a breeze, but the features below can help you identify the right weapon for your range shooting.

    1. Eye Dominance

    Most rookies make the mistake of weighing in the type of bow, its draw length, and weight, and perhaps its price point before determining their eye dominance. This could end up with getting the wrong bow, especially if you’re checking the eye dominance once you already have the weapon.

    The eye dominance determines whether you need a right or left hand bow, and discovering it is easy by following the five steps below.

    • Stretch your arms in front of your face and form a triangle with the palms of your hand, making sure you can clearly see a small or distant object with both eyes.
    • Focus on the object between your hands.
    • Start drawing the arms towards your face without losing sight of the object.
    • Keep drawing until the hands touch your face. The triangle will align with your dominant eye, and your hands will cover the other eye.
    • You now know whether you need a right or left-hand bow.

    2. Draw Length

    Your draw length determines what size of bow you need. Just like finding the dominant eye, this step is easy. Just stretch your arms parallel to the ground at full extent and measure the distance from fingertips to fingertips. Compare the number achieved against the table below to find the right bow size for you.

    Your Draw Length

    Recurve Bow Size

    Up to 25 inches

    54 to 62 inches

    25-27 inches

    64 to 66 inches

    27-29 inches

    66 to 68 inches

    29-31 inches

    68 to 70 inches

    Over 31 inches

    70 to 72 inches

    3. Draw Weight

    The draw weight of a recurve bow is typically determined by the weight of the archer. However, beginners tend to get along better with lightweight bows while building their skills, that’s why at this stage, you can use your age to determine the right draw weight for you.

    Your Age

    Recommended Draw Height

    8-10 y.o.

    10-12 pounds

    11-13 y.o.

    10-14 pounds

    14-17 y.o.

    12-16 pounds

    18-20 y.o. 

    16-22 pounds

    Women over 20 y.o.

    16-26 pounds

    Men over 20 y.o.

    22-28 pounds

    4. Interchangeable Limbs

    Sticking to the same recurve bow for too long won’t help you progress, that’s why investing in a bow with interchangeable limbs is essential. This small detail will help you increase the draw weight as your skill level develops, helping you evolve.

    5. Price

    Investing in the highest rated and most expensive recurve bow as a beginner isn’t the wisest thing. Instead, choose a quality weapon good enough to serve its purpose but affordable. Wondering which to choose? Check out my top 5 below.

    Top 5 Best Recurve Bows for Beginners in 2018

    1. Kaimei 48” Takedown Recurve Bow

    Kaimei 48” Takedown Recurve Bow


    • Adjustable weight
    • Adjustable length
    • Ambidextrous
    • Target
    • Fiberglass arrows


    Built with the youngsters in mind, the Kaimei 48” Recurve Bow is fully adjustable to meet the needs and skill advancements of a growing kid. It is perfect for target shooting and comes with three adjustable draw weights from 14 to 16.5 pounds and adjustable lengths from 48.5 to 50 inches.


    Made from fiberglass and boasting a takedown design, this weapon is flexible and well balanced, ideal for younger kids who’re just getting used to holding and maneuvering a bow.

    Overall Assessment

    A versatile recurve bow and arrow set, the Kaimei 48” Takedown Recurve Bow is perfect for young kids and comes with a blunt set of arrows that poses no threat to safety and security, plus two target papers. Undoubtedly, the best recurve bow for beginners to give to your kid.

    2. Spyder and Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Set

    Spyder and Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Set


    • Right/left hand Orientation
    • Ambidextrous
    • Set of arrows 
    • Accessories
    • Low vibrations

    Multiple options

    This Recurve Bow Set is designed with the adult novice in mind although it comes in sufficient sizes to address youngsters too. A complete set of accessories and bow choices varying from 20 to 60 pounds draw weight add versatility for beginners and hunters.


    Sleek and lightweight, the Spyder recurve bow featured in this set boasts a stylish design which incorporates redwood and fiberglass elements. Its silent operation and reduced level of vibrations enhance both your shooting game and archery experience.

    Overall Assessment

    Slightly costlier than your average bow for beginners but highly versatile, resistant and durable, this Recurve Bow Set is ideal for the novice and experienced alike, and comes with a full set of accessories including three fiberglass arrows.

    Spyder and Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Set Video Review

    3. Toparchery Archery 56" Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

    Toparchery Archery 56 Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow


    • Lightweight design
    • Durable raiser
    • Multiple draw weights
    • String included


    The Toparchery Archery 56" is a highly maneuverable beginner’s recurve bow thanks to its low heft of only 3.5lbs. The sleek design and well-balanced center of gravity boost up maneuverability, making this bow ideal for inexperienced users.


    This is perhaps one of the most affordable recurve bows on the market and brings excellent value for money. It boasts quality materials, flexibility, durability, and resistance. All it takes for a bow to be one of the best bows for the novice.

    Overall Assessment

    Designed for right hand archers only, but flexible and easy to maneuver, the Toparchery Archery 56" impresses with its cured details and lightweight construction. A solid raiser made of casting aluminum promises durability while the maple limbs covered in fiberglass also promise to resist intense use and excessive bending.

    Toparchery Archery 56" Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

    4. I-sport Traditional Recurve Bow

    I-sport Traditional Recurve Bow


    • Noble materials
    • Durable
    • Mongolian leather decoration
    • After-sale service

    Hand Made

    The I-sport Traditional Recurve Bow is for the novice fond of tradition, although the bow would do justice to a more experienced beginner. A traditional, handcrafted design enhanced by ethnic elements appeal to those who want to stay in touch with past cultures and folklore.


    Lightweight and durable, this traditional recurve bow presents the classic one-piece construction. The materials employed are of a higher quality compared to the competition, involving the use of Sophora japonica wood and transparent epoxy resin.

    Overall Assessment

    Handcrafted from durable materials and coming in a wide variety of sizes, the I-sport Traditional Recurve Bow brings real value for money. Harder to use than a takedown, this traditional bow is ideal for hunting and shooting and finds its place into the beginner-intermediates arsenal.  

    5. Sinoart 45" Archery Bow and Arrow Set

    Sinoart 45 Archery Bow and Arrow Set


    • Ideal for youngsters
    • Easy to assemble
    • Ambidextrous
    • Cheap

    Archery Set

    The Sinoart 45" Archery Set is a versatile product designed for the youngsters. It comes with a bow and arrows constructed from childproof materials and provided with suckers instead of points to prevent accidental injuries. The set comprises four target arrows and a bow.

    Budget Pick

    Perfect for the beginners and ideal for left or right hand shooters, the archery set comes at an exceptional price point. Perfect as a gift or as first archery set for a passionate kid. 

    Overall Assessment

    The Sinoart 45" Archery Bow and Arrow Set was designed with playful fun in mind and is not exactly a pro’s archery set for beginners. However, it has what it takes to turn a kid into a passionate archer and is ideal for children ten years old or over.

    Sinoart 45" Archery Bow and Arrow Set Video Review


    Finding the best recurve bow for beginners might not be easy but at least now you know which are some of the top options on the market. Whether you’re a parent or an aspiring archer, the selection above comprises all recurve bow styles and draw weights that can help you boost up your skill level.