Best Hunting Cross Bow

Big game bow hunting often requires the best hunting cross bow. In fact, standard bows, including the compound, recurve, and longbow models are often too weak to kill the bigger game. But not all crossbows live up to the expectations.

I found this the hard way, trying to kill a deer with a week cross bow. The results were disastrous, and all that happened was an injured animal wandering in the wilds and suffering due to a poor quality crossbow.

Here's a list of Best Hunting Cross Bow

This made me roam the market in search of the best models. I tried lots of crossbows and put together a list of my favorites.

But before jumping on and checking it, there are a few things you should know before buying.

How to Choose a Hunting Cross Bow

1. Speed

The most critical element hunters look for is speed, also referred to as velocity. Speed matters for more than one reason. First, you’re hunting living prey, which means your target won’t stand still waiting for the arrow to hit. A fast arrow simply has more chances of reaching the game in time to kill it.

2. Draw Weight

The second most critical element the best hunting cross bow must have is adequate draw weight. This number determines the force the bow transmits to the arrow, and ultimately the arrow’s capability of piercing the animal’s skin.

A too low draw weight may result in a mere injury, a thing you would want neither for you nor for the animal.

To make sure you get your hands on the best, aim to invest in a crossbow with a draw weight of at least 150 pounds.

3. Noise

Here comes the most delicate part, the noise. We all know wild animals have very developed senses, with the hearing being one of the most developed. It takes only a few decibels for your prey to hear your shot and run away.

A simple way to prevent this is with a silencer. There are dozens of models on the market, more or less performing but all designed to reduce the noise produced by the string when the arrow is released.

4. Overall Weight

Another thing you must  check is the overall weight of the bow. The best hunting cross bow has a lower weight and is easier to maneuver, but lighter bows are also weaker. Of course, your strength will ultimately determine the weight of the bow you can handle, so choose accordingly.

5. Accessories

Crossbow accessories can cost you an arm and a leg, so the rule of thumb here is to invest in a bow that comes with at least a tactical sight and arrows. Obviously, the more accessories you get, the better, but make sure their quality is satisfactory before investing in a bow that doesn’t raise up to the expectations.

Top 5 Best Hunting Cross Bow

1. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow


  • Camouflage design
  • Illuminates scope
  • 400 fps velocity
  • 165lbs draw weight
  • String dampeners

Heavy Duty

Built for the serious hunter and unsuitable for a beginner, the Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow shoots at the astonishing speed of 400 feet per second and is ideal for hunting big game, thanks to its 165lbs of draw weight. With great kinetic energy and low overall weight, this is no doubt the best hunting cross bow to consider.


The manufacturer didn’t compromise on archer’s safety when it comes to this crossbow. The product comes equipped with a knock sensor and anti-dry fire trigger system designed to eliminate dry fires. Finger guards and finger safety reminders are two other features present on this system.

Overall Assessment

The Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow is no doubt one of the best hunting cross bows on the market. Driving arrows at a fast speed and powerful enough to deal with all types of game, this bow is unlikely to let you down in your mission.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro STR CrossbowVideo Review

2. Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter

Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II


  • Accessories
  • High speed
  • 150lbs draw weight
  • Made in the USA
  • Trigger Tech technology


This dependable crossbow is nothing but the smaller brother of the version above and boasts a robust construction made of all stainless steel. An attractive finish and best-in-class safety features bring further value for money and make this cross bow an inspired pick if you don’t really need the utmost velocity and power.

Draw Weight

Ideal for most hunters and easier to use by a rookie, this hunting cross bow shoots arrows at a speed of 350 feet per second and impresses with a draw weight of 150lbs. This is sufficient for hunting most game.

Overall Assessment

Slightly weaker than the Pro version above but still capable of handling most demands, this is one of the most promising cross bows for hunting. The bow is made in America and comes mostly assembled, while the array of accessories add convenience to the purchase.

Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter CrossbowVideo Review

3. Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow

Barnett 78134 Recruit


  • Trigger Tech technology
  • Anti-dry fire
  • 330 fps velocity
  • Comes mostly assembled
  • Arrows included

Tactical Features

Ideal for hunting but also for using in tactical games, this compound cross bow promises to deliver unrivaled shooting performance and is ideal for hunting most game. It is designed to shoot arrows at 330 feet per second and comes mostly assembled for no-frills operation.


This bow’s value is undoubtedly boosted by the accessories included in the box. It comes with a lightweight 4x32 scope and a rope cocking device, and two 20-inch arrows designed to pierce the game’s skin effortlessly.

Overall Assessment

Like most Barnett cross bows, this tactical weapon is ideal for hunting but also for strategy games with your buddies. It comes with two arrows and a quality scope, while the overall built of the unit leaves nothing to be desired. Undoubtedly, a great bow to consider for casual hunting.

4. Bruin Attack 265 Recurve Crossbow

Bruin Attack 265 Recurve Crossbow Package


  • AR grip
  • Exchangeable retention spring
  • Tactical butt stock
  • Anti-dry fire trigger
  • Detachable quiver

Complete Kit

Perfect for hunting and tactical strategies, the Bruin Attack 265 comes mostly assembled and ready to shoot right out of the box. The bow comes with a reliable tactical scope and three arrows and is able to shoot at 260 feet per second.


Safe to use even by the novice, this hunting cross bow comes with an anti-dry fire trigger that prevents dry fires. Trigger apart; the bow also has an adjustable AR tactical butt stock and an exchangeable retention spring that further boost the value of this weapon.

Overall Assessment

Weaker than the bows above yet great to use for small game hunting, this hunting cross bow can shoot arrows at 265 feet per second and comes with three valuable arrows and a tactical scope included in the box. Perfect for both novice and hunter, as long as you’re aware of its limits and capabilities.

Bruin Attack 265 Recurve Bow Video Review

5. Bruin Ambush 370 Crossbow

Bruin Ambush 370 Crossbow Package


  • Aluminum composite barrel
  • High speed
  • 175lbs draw weight
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-dry fire trigger

Professional Grade

The Bruin Ambush 370 Crossbow is a hunting cross bow that will unlikely let you down regardless of what type of hunter you are. Capable of killing big game with a single shot, this bow shoots at the astonishing speed of 370 feet per second, while its 175lbs draw weight provides enough force to the arrow to pierce even the toughest skin.


Like all bows above, this tactical bow comes with a convenient scope and three arrows. An adjustable AR tactical butt stock adds further value, while a lifetime warranty ensures quick service whenever needed.

Overall Assessment

The Bruin Ambush 370 Crossbow is one of the most expensive hunting cross bows, but don’t let the price fool you. This workhorse will make you save loads in the long run and comes with a lifetime warranty and dependable service.


The market is full of crossbows, but when it comes to finding the best hunting cross bows, there are a few things to consider. Draw weight and draw speed are perhaps the most important features, but you must also check the accessories, the price, and ultimately the brand. Regardless of your needs, you now know which are some of your best options!