Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

The perfect hunting compound bow won’t give you much satisfaction unless you pair it with the best drop away arrow rest. There are dozens of models on the market, but perhaps the first question you’ll ask is why to invest in this type of arrow rest in the first place.

Drop away arrow rests have a complicated design and are often seen as impractical. And they are indeed for most shooting activities. But they are perfect for hunting.

Here's a list of Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

The main advantage of the drop away arrow rests is their durability. They also do a great job in keeping the arrow in place when drawing, which is essential if you want to hit a moving target. Furthermore, this type of arrow rests is quiet, a significant advantage when it comes to hunting.

So, as you can see, there are good reasons to pick a drop away arrow rest if you want to practice crossbow hunting. There are dozens of models available on the market, but here are a few things you should learn before buying.

How to Choose a Drop Away Arrow Rest

What it takes for an arrow rest to be the best drop away arrow rest? How should you choose the right one for your bow?

While there is no special formula determining the best arrow rest, there are a few objective criteria to consider before spending your money. Years of target practice and bow hunting have taught me there are three main features to check, the setup, the performance, and the overall quality.

1. Drop Away Arrow Rest Setup

Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced hunter, choosing a drop away arrow rest with easy setup is a must. There are two reasons why you need an easy setup. First, drop away rests are complicated by themselves, so picking an accessory that is hard to mount will only make things even more complicated.

An easy-to-install arrow rest will allow you to use the bow right after you’ve installed it, which is essential when your target is moving.

A drop away arrow rest easy to install is also easy to lock, another essential feature as a loose arrow rest could harm you or the people you are hunting with. When buying the arrow rest, check the timing cord and make sure it is easy to adjust.

2. Drop Away Arrow Rest Performance

Drop away arrow rests have a simple function, to drop when the bow releases the arrow to ensure a smooth draw. But not all models do what they are supposed to do. Some drop away arrow rests won’t drop, a thing that can jeopardize your hunting efforts and cause accidents.

The best thing to do is to test the arrow rest before buying, to make sure it has satisfactory performance.

What you should check is that the accessory keeps the arrow firm in position even at full draw, and then drops away when you fire to prevent the arrow from falling off or interfering with its path.

3. Drop Away Arrow Rest Quality

Another important thing to assess is the overall quality of the arrow rest you want to buy. These accessories can be made of either plastic materials, wood, or stainless steel. Wood is a rare choice for a compound bow, and most compound bow enthusiasts go for either plastic or stainless steel.

Plastic is an economical option, but it won’t resist much in extreme weather. Low temperature could make the material brittle, while too hot weather could deform the material.

Stainless steel is definitely a better choice, even if you’ll have to sustain a higher upfront cost. This material doesn’t rust and supports extreme heat, proving to be a better investment in the long run.

With this in mind, let’s see which are some of your best options when it comes to choosing the best drop away arrow rest.

Top 5 Best Bow Sights Reviews

1. TRUGLO DOWN-DRAFT Drop-Away Arrow Rest

TRUGLO DOWN-DRAFT Drop-Away Arrow Rest


  • High-performance design
  • Buss cable
  • Sealed bushings
  • Rubber dampeners
  • Easy installation

Camouflage Design

Whether you’re looking for a drop away arrow rest for hunting or target practice, the TRUGLO DOWN-DRAFT will blend in the décor while enhancing your bow. The camouflage design is an excellent choice for both the experienced hunter and the novice.

Rubber Dampeners

This sight is compatible with almost all bow types and boasts a sturdy aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware. Furthermore, the sight is built for both left- and right-hand hunters and comes with either 0.010 or 0.019-inch pins.

Overall Assessment

Perfect for hunting or target practice, this is no doubt one of the best drop away arrow rests on the market. I like the camouflage design and rubber dampeners, while the sealed bushings are perfect for increasing the downward speed at launch. Ideal for experienced hunters and rookies alike.

TRUGLO DOWN-DRAFT Drop-Away Arrow Rest Video Review

2. Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Drop-Away Arrow Rest


  • Metal construction
  • Containment ring
  • Quiet launch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use

Containment Ring

If you’re not yet a master hunter and need a reliable arrow rest able to keep your aim steady, the Trophy Taker SmackDown could be the right drop away arrow rest for you. The rubberized steel containment ring provides both horizontal and vertical support for better aiming and shooting.

Easy to Use

This arrow rest comes with convenient arrow guide and limb mounts which allows for easy installation on the lower limb, upper limb, or upward cable. You can match the position of the arrow rest with your arm position for comfortable shooting.

Overall Assessment

The Trophy Taker SmackDown is a great drop away arrow rest to consider for both hunting and target practice. It’s made of 100% metal and comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Providing a nearly silent release and lightweight enough to carry for hours, this drop away rest is perfect for your arsenal.

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Away Arrow Rest Video Review

3. TRUGLO Up Draft Limb-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest

TRUGLO Up Draft Limb-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest


  • Colored inserts
  • Attaches to limbs
  • Rubber dampeners
  • Camouflage design

Limb Driver

The TRUGLO Up Draft offers a little less in terms of versatility when it comes to mounting options, but it’s a great option nonetheless. This drop away arrow rest is limb driven and can only be installed on the upper or lower limb, but you won’t have the possibility to fix it on the upward cable.


Despite its mounting limitations, this arrow rest attracts with a budget-friendly price. Similar to the Down-Draft model above, this Up-Draft model appeals to the rookies and experienced archers alike.

Overall Assessment

Boasting a robust construction and multiple features, this drop away arrow rest makes a great budget pick. It comes with rubber dampeners to silence the rest, while the colored inserts included bringing versatility. No doubt, a great arrow rest to consider.

TRUGLO Up Draft Limb Driven Drop Away Arrow Rest Video Review

4. LIVABIT X-Factor Drop Away Arrow Rest

LIVABIT X-Factor Drop Away Arrow Rest


  • Velocity Draw technology
  • Easy to adjust
  • Precision components
  • Superior arrow containment
  • Safety feature

Velocity Draw Technology

The LIVABIT X-Factor is one of the most reliable drop away arrow rests on the market and incorporates the velocity draw technology developed to improve the aim and shoot performance. The total arrow containment adds further value for money and boosts the arrow rest’s design.


The manufacturer involved exclusively high-quality parts in the construction of this arrow rest. Precision CNC aluminum, Delrin and stainless steel guarantee the robustness and resistance of this arrow rest over time.

Overall Assessment

Easy to adjust and highly to perform, the LIVABIT X-Factor comes with a reliable timing cord with clamp and cord lock for enhanced safety and performance. Safety is also boosted by the break away system, while the materials and technologies involved add further value for money. Not to mention this arrow rest is one of the most affordable on the market.

5. XLJKZ Arrow Rest Drop Away

XLJKZ Arrow Rest Drop Away


  • Right-hand design
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Sound dampening
  • Felt silencer
  • Interference-free operation

Noise Reduction

The XLJKZ Arrow Rest Drop Away is the last drop away arrow rest featured in this list. This right-hand arrow rest boasts an impressive noise reduction with 360° sound dampening pad and pre-installed felt silencer. The quiet operation makes the rest ideal for hunting.

Easy to Adjust

This drop away arrow rest is very easy to adjust thanks to the tool-free adjustment features. The right-hand dexterity makes it ideal for most users, while the overall design appeals to most hunters.

Overall Assessment

Sleek and beautifully designed, ideal for most compound bows and easy to install, the XLJKZ Arrow Rest Drop Away is no doubt a great option. This arrow rest boasts superior noise management and is almost silent, while the tool-free adjustment makes it easy to use by rookies and experienced archers alike.


Finding a reliable drop away arrow rest is not as easy as it seems. There are many things to consider, from the design and materials to the placement of the rest on the bow and noise reduction features. Nevertheless, you now know which are some of your best options.