Best Compound Bow Under 200 2019

When purchasing a compound bow whether, for hunting or total sporting, there are many things you should take into account. And if you’re a novice, one of these is the price. Instead of spending thousands on a bow, start with the best compound bow under 200.

Besides price, there are other considerations to make.

Here's a list of Best Compound Bow Under $200

Such considerations are like the bow must be relatively light in weight for comfortable carrying in and out of the woods, compact for easy maneuver on a tree stand or ground, and it must have the stellar speed to offer the flattest possible trajectory.

If you're an exceptional hunter or shooter, it is essential to find an accurate bow so that every time you aim the arrow strikes the right position, whether it’s wildlife or a target.

Here are some important specs of a compound bow.

How to Choose an Inexpensive Compound Bow 

1. Draw Weight Range

When selecting your personal compound bow for hunting or target practice, consider choosing the draw weight range is quite crucial. The lighter the bow's draw weight, the slower it will launch the arrow and the less inertia it imparts to the projectile.

As a result, many shooters prefer bows that draw relatively enough weight.

The minimum draw weight restriction in most countries stands at 45 lbs. for hunting, while any bow will do for target practice. It's essential to put this into consideration as you will be required to select a bow that meets the minimum draw weight.

2. Design

One significant advantage of compound bows is that it incorporates wheels on limbs’ tips, hence making the bow easy to draw by leveraging the mechanical benefits of the pulleys.

The pulleys offer a significant technical advantage but do not lessen the draw weight even if the string has been drawn to the maximum draw length.

Compound bows tend to come with a wide range of different cam designs such as hard cams, medium cams, and soft cams. They are a reference of the speed at which the draw weight increases to its maximum before the cam turns over.

Soft cams mainly offer a smooth draw cycle and are pretty simple to draw at any given weight. They also provide the least arrow speed, while the hard cams are the most challenging to draw weight although impart the highest velocity and medium cams offer the shooter a medium advantage on both hard and smooth cams.

3. Axle to Axle Length

Another essential feature to pay attention to is the length of the axle-to-axle. This is the distance between the cam axles on each limb measurable in inches. Short compound bows have approximately an axle to axle length of about 30 inches while the long compound bows usually have an axle to axle length of about 38 inches.

The significance of this small gap is that the shorter bows appear to be significantly lighter and easier to maneuver at tight quarters like thick forests or enclosed ground. They are also convenient for hunting on tree stands.

However, shorter bows are less forgiving which makes them more challenging to accurately shoot. Long bows are more cumbersome and difficult when hunting along tight areas but are more forgiving which makes them easier to carefully aim and shoot.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at the best compound bows under 200 in 2018.

Best Compound Bow Under 200

1. SAS Rage Compound Bow

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30 Compound Bow


  • 4.4 lbs. overall weight
  • contains peep sight
  • 26-30 draw length
  • 270 fps speed
  • Accessories

Bow Sling

The SAS Rage  Compound Bow comes with an adjustable 35” axle to axle, 30” draw length braided bow sling. This makes it easy for a new user to lower poundage and pull in the adjustment of the required length. 


The bow comes in a pack that contains all the right components. It comes with an arrow rest, 5-pin bow sight, braided bow sling, peep sight, and stabilizer. With a 270 fps maximum speed, the weapon couldn’t be easier to use.

Overall Assessment

The SAS Rage comes with draw weight set to 70 lbs. which is certainly suitable for beginners. Ideal for enhancing archery talent and is both durable and of good quality. Even though other necessary accessories come separately, it has a wide range of draw lengths ideal for novice hunters.

SAS Rage Compound Bow Video Review

2. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs


  • 296 fps speed
  • Draw weight adjustment
  • Warranty on bow
  • String and cables
  • 19" - 29" draw length

Aluminum Riser

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow has an aluminum riser with arrow spine deflection of 0.441" and arrow tip weight of 100 grains. The riser is the foundation of the bow, and an aluminum riser gives the bow a rugged feel.

Adjustable Draw Weight

It has a weight of about 35-50 pounds which works perfectly for young hunters. Suitable for 10 years and thereabouts since turning down the draw weight is simple enough. The first time you might require using the included Allen wrench to make fine adjustments.

Overall Assessment

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow is affordable and works just as well as more expensive ones. With a plastic arrow rest, it could get better but works just fine especially for young folks starting out the hunting sport.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow Video Review

3.  XGear Outdoors Compound Bow

XGear Outdoors Compound Bow 50-70lbs


  • Dual fiberglass split limb
  • Allen wrench included
  • 310 fps speed
  • 50 - 70 lbs. draw weight
  • Right handed bow

Dual Fiber Glass Spirit Limb

The XGear Outdoors Compound Bow has dual fiberglass split limb made of different  materials placed alongside each other with a space between them for the cam to be placed in the limb pocket. This causes a lean to one side of the cams when the cables are pulled.

Fiber Optic Sight

Among other components, it comes with fiber optic sight, release aid, drop away arrow rest, string wax, peep sight. All accessories add further value for the money.

Overall Assessment

The XGear Outdoors Compound Bow might prove a challenge to assemble, but with use of the manual, it should work fine. It comes with most of the accessories you need and is ideal for starting out hunting.

XGear Outdoors Compound Bow Video Review

4. XGear Outdoors Compound Bow 30-55

XGear Outdoors Compound Bow 30-55lbs


  • 3.3 lbs. weight
  • 0.441" arrow spine deflection
  • No bow press required
  • 30 - 55 lbs. draw weight
  • Wax

Adjustable Draw Weight

The XGear Outdoors Compound Bow 30-55 draw weight can be adjusted to suit the user. Like most other bows it has about ten pounds of adjustment.


The compound bow comes with, drop away arrow rest, release aid, wax, D string loop, and two 30" aluminum arrow, fiber optic sight, and peep sight.

Overall Assessment

The XGear Outdoors Compound Bow 30-55 is affordable and a good choice to begin hunting. It's of good size to suit young hunters as well as the ladies too. With a few more add-ons it should do to get the beginner all set to join the hunt.

5. Armory Replicas Compound Bow

Armory Replicas Compound Bow


  • Fiberglass limb
  • 270 fps velocity
  • 26-30 Inches draw length
  • Aluminum riser
  • Let Off: 70% arrows

Draw Length

The Armory Replicas Compound Bow has a draw length that allows one to  shoot straight and also hits hard. It does not give off any vibrations when shooting, therefore, the bow suits anyone just fine.

Aluminum Riser

The bow has aluminum riser which gives it a lightweight feel especially good for the person new in the hunting sport. It is thus stronger and requires less maintenance and is easy to tune.

Overall Assessment

The Armory Replicas Compound Bow makes it easy for the hunter to aim for the target with its straight shooting that rarely misses the aim. It suits anyone due to the lightweight especially those new in hunting as a sport.


Good cheap bows are never easy to find. There is usually a reason why these weapons come at a bargain, and the reason is almost never a good one. Yet, you now know which are some of the best compound bows under 200 for you, and hopefully, you’ll be able to find the one that is right for you.

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