Best Compound Bow For The Money – Comparison Chart & Reviews

So, you’ve mastered the recurve bow shooting and are keen to try something new? Do you believe getting your hands on the best compound bow will make your archery skills stand out? You’ve landed in the right place.

While shooting a compound bow has nothing to do with your overall archery skills achieved with other weapons, this type of bow is fun to use and more appropriate for those who’re serious about their game.

Here's a list of Best Compound Bow for the Money - Comparison Chart & Reviews

There are many types of compound bows to choose from; then there are many considerations to make before investing your money.

Why Invest in a Compound Bow?

There are many types of bows out there, and one of the questions novices have is, whether they should invest in a compound bow, crossbow, or recurve bow for leisure or hunting purposes.

Each type of a bow comes with own pros and cons, but today is about compound bows.

A bit harder to use than their recurve counterparts, compound bows come with a massive pro, they are adjustable. What does this mean?

Well, most compound bows come with both adjustable draw weight and draw length, meaning a bow you used as a kid will probably be good to use as an adult too. Of course, adjusting and calibrating the bow requires expertise, but you’ll either achieve this in time, or you’ll always be able to ask an experienced archer to help you.

Besides this, more often than not compound bows come with all accessories needed to shoot, such as:

  • Aluminum or carbon arrows
  • Bow sight
  • Arrow rest
  • D-Loop
  • Raiser
  • And multiple other accessories that make shooting a breeze.

    Due to the lightweight design, compound bows are also easier to maneuver, which is a big plus if you’re new to archery.

    With all these advantages, you could wonder why most novices choose a recurve bow as a first weapon.

    I admit I started with a recurve bow too despite the compound’s benefits.

    This is because compound bows are less forgiving when it comes to all those small errors we all do when we first start to shoot. You’ll have to assess a very accurate draw length, learn how to draw the string and how to aim.

    An error with a compound bow could end up with severe or fatal injuries.

    That said, a compound bow will give you an unforgettable experience. There are various types to choose from, and there are also a few important things to consider before investing in one. Read on to find out more on this topic, then check out my selection of the best compound bows for the money in 2018.

    Types of Compound Bows

    Buying a compound bow starts with finding the right type for you.

  • Single cam compound bow: Is the easiest to use and the quietest, but it’s harder to tune than the other designs. Most single cam bows come with an idle wheel at the top and an elliptical power cam at the lower end.
  • Hybrid cam compound bow: It is also very easy to tune and requires low maintenance, but it has a reduced nock travel. The power cam is still located at the bottom end, but it has a control cam at the top end instead of an idle wheel.
  • Twin cam compound bow: Boasts an impressive accuracy, draws the arrow at high velocity and has an excellent level of nock travel. On the downside, it is highly complex, it needs constant maintenance and tuning. In terms of design, the bow uses two identical cams, either round or elliptical at each end of the bow.
  • Binary cam compound bow: Designed for the expert archers, this type of bow comes with two cams similar to that of the twin cam bow, but which are sleeved to each other instead of the limbs. This bow also makes the arrow travel fast but needs constant maintenance and is perhaps the hardest to use.
  • How to Pick the Right Compound Bow

    Depending on your skills level, you can pick either type of compound bow from the ones highlighted above. Regardless of your choice, there are a few objective criteria to consider before buying.

    1. Axle Length

    This number refers to the total length of the bow and is important to know especially if you’re a novice.

    In fact, shorter compound bows are easier to maneuver; however, they are harder to shoot and require a lot of practice. Short compound bows are more appropriate for the experienced archers and hunters who need an easy-to-use bow when hunting from tree stands.

    For beginners, longer axle bows are recommended despite their poorer maneuverability. They are more forgiving in terms of aiming and shooting, and perfect for target practice.

    2. Draw Length

    As with all bows, the draw length of the compound bow matters. The draw length refers to the distance between grip and bowstring when fully drawn, and you need to use a compound bow that is right for you, or you’ll never achieve accuracy.

    If you can’t find the right fit, choose a shorter draw length, as too much of it has a more negative impact on both speed and accuracy. The table below should help you find the right draw length for you based on your height.

    Your Height

    Bow’s Draw Length

    4’8’’ - 4’10’’

    23 inches

    4’10’’ - 5’2’’

    24 inches

    5’2’’ - 5’4’’

    25 inches

    5’4’’ - 5’6’’

    26 inches

    5’6’’ - 5’8’’

    27 inches

    5’8’’ - 6’

    28 inches

    6’ - 6’2’’

    29 inches

    6’2’’ - 6’4’’

    30 inches

    6’4’’ - 6’6’’

    31 inches

    6’6’’ - 6’10’’

    32 inches

    Over 6’10’’

    33 inches

    3. Draw Weight

    Expressed in pounds, the draw weight refers to the effort required to achieve a full draw with your bow. This number also determines the force of the shoot and the bow’s suitability for target practice or hunting.

    For target practice, any bow can do. For hunting, however, you’ll need a strong bow that can shoot an arrow at high speed. This is essential to ensure you’ll kill your prey instead of just injuring it, to prevent unnecessary suffering.

    You can determine the right draw weight based on your own weight, as it follows:

    Your Weight

    Bow’s Draw Weight

    70-100 lbs. (kids)​​​​

    15-25 lbs.

    100-130 lbs.​​​​ (woman)

    25-30 lbs.

    130-160 lbs. (woman)

    30-40 lbs.

    130-150 lbs. (boys)

    40-50 lbs.

    120-150 lbs. (man) / 160+ lbs. (woman)

    45-55 lbs.

    150-180 lbs. (man)

    55-65 lbs.

    180+ lbs. (man)

    65-75 lbs.

    4. Brace Height

    The brace height refers to the distance between bow string, rest, and grip. Compound bows with a lower brace height are faster but are more difficult to use and less forgiving when it comes to slight errors.

    A beginner, therefore, would need a bow with a higher brace height, whereas an experienced archer could benefit from a shorter one.

    The average brace height is 7 inches, but you should really just take the time and try the various heights to see which works best for you.

    5. Bow Weight

    Last but not least, it is essential to check the overall bow weight, especially if you plan to use the weapon for hunting. The key here is to find the right weight that is comfortable to carry but quiet enough to shoot unnoticed.

    In fact, lighter bows tend to vibrate, and they could scare your prey as you shoot. Heavier bows, however, are cumbersome and uncomfortable to carry on long journeys.

    The easiest way to decide which is the right compound bow for you is to try different models and see which feels the most comfortable.

    And now that you know how to pick the best compound bow for you have a look at the selections below to find the right weapon.

    Best Compound Bow for the Money - Comparison Chart



  • .405-inch arrow spine deflection
  • Aluminum riser
  • Accessories
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to adjust
  • Rubber stabilizer
  • Imported bow limbs
  • Pre-installed D-loop
  • Aluminum riser
  • Carbon mix arrows
  • Lightweight limbs
  • Adjustable dual cam
  • Fully machined aluminum cams
  • High quality accessories
  • Biscuit style rest
  • Lightweight
  • Dual fiberglass split limbs
  • .441 inches arrow spine deflection
  • Arrows included
  • No bow press needed
  • Twin cams
  • Sleek design
  • High quality materials
  • Ideal for experienced archers
  • Machined bow cams
  • Many accessories
  • Adjustable draw weight and draw length
  • CONS

  • Unsuitable for hunting
  • Hard to calibrate
  • Poor quality adjustment screws
  • Some weak components
  • Few accessories
  • Unsuitable for beginners
  • Feels flimsy
  • Top 7 Best Compound Bows for the Money in 2018

    1. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

    Leader Accessories Compound Bow


    • 296 fps max speed
    • 12 carbon arrows
    • Multiple accessories
    • Included string and cables
    • 0.405 inches arrow spine deflection

    Adjustable Draw Lenght

    The Leader Accessories Compound Bow comes with an adjustable draw length between 19 and 29 inches and a draw weight between 30 and 55 lbs. It is ideal for kids, novice archers, and those approaching bow hunting for the first time.

    Complete Kit

    This bow comes with a complete compound bow archery kit including a sight, paper target, twelve carbon arrows, and multiple other accessories. Completed with bow string and cables, the weapon is ready to use straight out from the box.

    Overall Assessment

    The Leader Accessories Compound Bow is one of the most complete compound bows for beginners. It is less suitable for hunting due to its draw weight that only reaches 55lbs. Nevertheless, the bow is adjustable and perfect to use by kids and inexperienced adults approaching archery for the first time.

    Leader Accessories Compound Bow Video Review

    2. Topoint Trigon Compound Bow

    Topoint Trigon Compound Bow


    • Ideal for right-hand archers
    • Multiple design options
    • High-quality limbs
    • 320 fps max speed
    • Dual adjustable cam

    Gordon Composite Limbs

    The Topoint Trigon Compound Bow impresses with its high-quality limbs manufactured by Gordon Composites. Made to withstand intensive use, the limbs are flexible, strong, and durable. Their low weight makes the bow easy to maneuver, while they are still firm enough to minimize shooting vibrations.

    Pre-installed D-Loop

    Ready to shoot right out from the box, this compound bow comes with a conveniently pre-installed D-Loop that guarantees a fast and easy arrow notch. Other accessories include bow string and cables, a bow stabilizer, sight, and other useful items.

    Overall Assessment

    Ideal for hunters experienced archers, but also suitable for beginners, the Topoint Trigon Compound Bow comes with useful accessories. The bow is adjustable, although calibrating it requires a bit of knowledge or professional help; despite this downside, the bow is perfect for target practice and hunting, it is super-lightweight and comes with a standard brace height of 7 inches.

    3. Compound Bow Archery Package

    Compound Bow Archery Package


    • Wide draw weight range
    • 320 fps
    • IBO limbs
    • Lightweight
    • Arrow set

    Draw Weight

    The Compound Bow Archery Package is another promising compound bow kit for novice and experienced users alike. Coming with an adjustable draw weight, plus an adjustable draw length, this bow is perfect for target shooting or hunting and varies from 19 to 70 lbs. At the same time, the overall weight of only 3.31 lbs. make it a perfect choice for all right-handed archers.

    Multiple Options

    Besides the adjustable size, the bow comes in multiple attractive colors ideal for hunting in the forest or in winter, but also a variant appealing to the lady archers out there. Moreover, the bow comes as part of a kit comprising all needed to shoot right out of the box, including eighteen carbon arrows.

    Overall Assessment

    Manufactured with all shooters in mind and coming at an attractive price point for a compound bow, the Compound Bow Archery Package complete set brings excellent value for the money. A composite grip with soft touch feature and aluminum riser guarantee user comfort, durability, and low weight. An anodized or camo finish, on the other hand, ensures suitability for a wide range of activities and matches all tastes and styles.

    Compound Bow Archery Package Video Review

    4. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow

    RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit


    • Up to 315 fps
    • Fully adjustable draw weight and length
    • Biscuit rest
    • Quality limbsWrist Sling
    • 5 pin light sight


    Like most compound bows, this weapon is a lightweight solution that guarantees higher maneuverability than a traditional bow. Ideal for target practice and hunting, the bow comes at a nice heft of only 17.5 lbs. for the maximum 70 lbs. draw weight. The draw weight, on the other hand, is adjustable between 30 and 70 lbs.

    Shooting Speed

    One of the best compound bows on the market, the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow is designed to drive arrows through an animal’s skin and kill instantly. Thanks to the quality of the components making up this bow, the RAPTOR can shoot at the astonishing speed of 315 feet per second when calibrated at max settings and used with lightweight 350 grain arrows.

    Overall Assessment

    Designed for hunting but ideal for all types of shooting, the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow delivers great value for money and comes at a price that won’t break the bank. An attractive design, the quality of the limbs, and the 100% money-back guarantee make it a risk-free purchase even for the novice.

    RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Video Review

    5. XGear Outdoors Compound Bow

    XGear Outdoors Compound Bow


    • Ideal for beginners
    • Two aluminum arrows
    • Fully adjustable
    • 296 fps max speed
    • Fiberglass


    Manufactured with the beginners in mind but perfect for more experienced archers too, the XGear Outdoors Compound Bow comes with plenty of accessories that make it suitable to shoot right out from the box. In the box are included a reliable sight, arrow rest, release aid, D-Loop, wax, and two aluminum arrows.

    Strong Limbs

    Made to withstand all types of shooting, the XGear Outdoors Compound Bow comes with reliable and flexible fiberglass limbs. The choice of materials guarantees durability, while they also maintain a quite low overall weight of the assembly.

    Overall Assessment

    Available in a variety of color options, coming with all useful accessories, including an Allen wrench and coming at a more than convenient price, the XGear Outdoors Compound Bow is perhaps the best compound bow for beginners you could come across. True value is added by the convenient arrows that allow you to shoot as soon as the bow is delivered.

    XGear Outdoors Compound Bow Video Review

    6. SAS Rage Compound Bow

    SAS Rage Compound Bow


    • 35-inch axle to axle
    • 270 fps speed
    • Aesthetic raiser
    • Adjustable draw weight

    For Hunting

    Coming from an established archery brand and ideal for hunting, the SAS Rage Compound Bow comes with an adjustable draw weight ranging from 55 to 70 pounds and ideal for men or large-frame women experienced in bow hunting. Just like the draw weight, the draw length is also adjustable to fit archers of all heights.

    Rigid Tolerance

    Bow hunting needs practice and experience, but a good bow can certainly make or break the deal. The SAS Rage Compound Bow comes with rigid tolerances that enhance accuracy while reducing vibrations, two essential things to guarantee you’ll shoot and kill the prey.

    Overall Assessment

    Designed for hunting and suitable for the purpose, the SAS Rage Compound Bow comes with a sole, slight drawback – its shooting speed is slower than expected, at only 270 feet per second. Nonetheless, accuracy is everything, and this bow ensures accurate shoots. Coming at a competitive price and available in a full kit variant comprising all needed accessories, the Rage compound bow is definitely one to consider.

    SAS Rage Compound BowVideo Review

    7. XQMART Compound Bow

    XQMART Compound Bow


    • Reliable Arrows
    • Aluminum Stabilizer
    • Hard bow flight
    • Wrist Sling
    • D-Loop

    Entry Level

    The XQMART Compound Bow is designed with the novice in mind and comprises all needed to get to practice as quickly as possible. Fully adjustable and made from durable materials, this bow comes with all accessories and a convenient carrying bag. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and perfect for target shooting. In the pack are also included twelve convenient arrows made of carbon mix.


    Whether you’re unsure about archery or about the quality of the bow, the manufacturer backs up the bow with a money-back guarantee. All you have to do is to ask for a refund or replacement if the bow is defective, or just for a refund if you want to return the item.

    Overall Assessment

    Perfect for all types of archers and for all levels, this compound bow comes with adjustable draw weight from 15 to 70 pounds and adjustable draw length between 19 and 30 inches. Ideal for kids and adults alike, the XQMART Compound Bow also impresses with its 320 feet per second speed and comes with convenient carbon mix arrow of 30 inches.


    Choosing the best compound bow is never simple. There are dozens of models on the market, all coming with their pros and cons. But now you know which are some of your best options. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hunter, read my tips above and pick the right compound bow for you from my selection.