Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow

The Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow is one of the most sought-after hunting crossbows manufactured by Barnett. Their latest model, the Wildcat C7, is praised by both rookies and experienced crossbow hunters for its unrivaled performance, shooting speed, and perfectly balanced construction.

Like its precedent variants, the Wildcat C7 packs performance and encompasses the latest technologies produced by the manufacturer, features that increase its efficiency.

But there is more about the newest Wildcat. Beyond technology, this crossbow is popular because it’s affordable, or at least more affordable than many other crossbows in its class. These were good enough reasons to make me test and review this weapon.

Speed & Accuracy

Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow is a reliable weapon built with the hunter and bow fisherman in mind. It has all that it takes to catch fast-moving game or fish, delivering sufficient energy to put the animal down ethically.

As all hunters know, speed must always be assessed based on the size of the game you’re hunting, and Wildcat C7 is built for the big game, driving arrows at a speed up to 330 feet per second and outputting kinetic energy of about 91.9 feet per second.

Accuracy is determined by the quality of the arrows, and Barnett knows it. That’s why the manufacturer equipped its masterpiece with two 20-inch 380-grain arrows, which are more than enough to put down the biggest game in Northern America, or the biggest game anywhere as a matter of fact.

The speed and accuracy combined with the bow’s lightweight construction deliver sufficient power to hunt any tough legal game, which ultimately is any hunter’s dream.

The main advantage of the heavier bolts is the enhancement of the momentum and kinetic energy, the two main elements capable of defining a great hunting experience. On the other hand, the nonetheless excellent velocity will help you cover longer distances without worries.

Draw Weight

Built with hunting performance in mind, the Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow comes with adequate draw weight and will not require you to possess Incredible Hulk’s force to draw the limbs with the rope cocking device.

Nevertheless, Barnett paid attention to the fine details in constructing the C7 crossbow and didn’t pack the model with too much draw force to shorten its lifespan.

At 125 pounds of draw weight, Wildcat C7 can be cocked for several hours, which is more than productive while you’re quietly waiting for your prey. However, avoid leaving the bow cocked overnight.

This draw weight is sufficient for providing a power stroke of over 14 inches, while the cocking aid lets you focus more on the game and less on complicated adjustments of the bow.


C7’s predator-like qualities are definitely enhanced by the maneuverability and stealth, two features ensured by the perfect balance and high-quality build.

In terms of mass weight, this crossbow is comparable to Barnett’s CarbonLite crossbows. The Wildcat comes with a nice heft of only 8 pounds, which is more than appealing when you have to carry the weapon for extended periods of time.

The overall design is similar to the previous Wildcat C5 and C6 models. The C7 has a sleek allure and a sleek matte black finish, with sought-after lines and details. A combination of materials and high-end components define the ultimate quality of the build.

Among the most important components, we can mention the:

  • Picatinny rails
  • Magnesium riser
  • Rope cocker
  • Regarding the magnesium riser, the component is easy to assemble, boasting a one-bolt attachment, while the crank cocking device brings further value.

    Regarding the size, this tactical crossbow measures 35.75" L x 21.75" W and has an axle to axle length of 20.25 inches.

    The crossbow is made of lightweight composite stock, while the components are constructed in various high-performing materials.


    Most crossbow manufacturers include a cocking rope and perhaps arrows in the kit, but Barnett has gone the extra mile to ensure total satisfaction of its customers. Besides all the above, the Wildcat C7 comes with an array of other interesting features and accessories, including:

  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology™
  • 4 x 32 Scope
  • Lightweight quiver
  • Bristle brush retainer
  • Anti-dry fire system
  • Pass through foregrip
  • Finger Safety Reminders

  • Consumer Reviews

    Hunters praise Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow’s capabilities. The most appreciated feature is the perfect balance between draw weight and speed capabilities, two features able to complement one another, boosting the weapon’s performance while prolonging its lifespan.

    Appreciated as accurate and powerful, the Wildcat C7 is not flawless. According to most users, the bow lacks an extended butt pad adjustment. Now, that’s not an issue if you’re a DIY lover eager to build one by yourself, but that’s definitely something the manufacturer should look into.

    Apart from this minor and adjustable flaw, the C7 model of Wildcat is perhaps the best crossbow for hunting available on the market.



    Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow is no doubt one of the most performing hunting crossbows and comes with important advantages. Perhaps the best feature is the advanced design which combines lightweight materials with high performing parts.

    Lightweight and fairly compact, the C7 is easy to carry with you in your adventures and is silent enough to pass undetected when the arrow is released. A great balance between arrow velocity, kinetic power, and draw weight deliver sufficient power to ethically kill your prey, while the included components and accessories boost the product’s value.

    Another advantage is the price. C7 is not cheap, but given its capabilities, it certainly comes at a great price.


    Barnett has lacked attention in some aspects regarding the design. Nevertheless, this workhorse doesn’t have any major flaws.



    Barnett Wild Cat Crossbow C7




    Wildcat C7

    Draw Weight

    125 pounds


    330 feet per second

    Kinetic Energy

    91 feet per second

    Power Stroke

    14.125 inches


    8 pounds

    Cooking Acid



    Anti-dry fire system / Finger safety reminder


    35.75" L x 21.75"


    20.25 inches

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